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OMR – The most trusted examination solution

OMR is considered to be the most trusted and reliable examining

Which is the best image scanner that can be used with OMR Software?

The process of evaluating OMR sheets requires fine precision and efficiency.

How does an OMR Software work?

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition (or Optical Mark Reader) is the

Why to trust OMR for examination

When it comes to examination no doubt both the examiner and

Size and dimension of an OMR Sheet

OMR Sheet is the specially designed bubbled sheet. The term OMR

How to Handle OMR Sheets?

OMR sheets are documents containing a set of multiple choice questions

Form Design Scanner Pros and Cons

What are the software and hardware differences between OMR and desktop

OMR vs Image Scanning

Many schools are considering image scanning as an alternative to tried-and-true

OMR and Image Scanners Comparison

Using scanners, you have two approaches to collecting and analyzing/scoring form
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