Size and dimension of an OMR Sheet

OMR Sheet is the specially designed bubbled sheet. The term OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition (Optical Mark Reader). These sheets will be scanned using optical rays, capturing the human-marked data. The aspirant has to mark the most suited selection by darkening the corresponding bubble. A pen or a pencil can be incorporated to shade the bubble as per the marked instructions.

For evaluation of OMR response sheets the OMR software is primarily used. This correction process will include the scanning of OMR sheets that will convert the marked responses into digital form. The scanned file is then read through the OMR software.

Standard Dimensions of the OMR Sheets

The bubbled sheet is designed using special software assembly. For designing an OMR sheet, the dimensions for each of the bubble can be predefined to maintain the symmetry of the designed sheets. However, the paper size for the most widely used paper types is kept defined as a standard to produce OMR sheets having exact proportions.

Listed below are the details to the dimensions that should be met while designing the OMR sheet;

  •  –   A4 Paper
    Width X Height: 8.268 X 11.693 Inch
  •  –   A5 Paper
    Width X Height: 5.827 X 8.268 Inch
  •  –   Legal Paper
    Width X Height: 8.5 X 14.0 Inch

Each of the bubble on the OMR sheet should be having a minimum of 0.098 X 0.098 ratio of width X height. Initially Coral DRAW software was used for designing of the OMR sheets. Now, with the boon in the OMR software technology, it is possible to design a vivid range of OMR sheets.

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